Website security monitoring

Keep your Joomla website safe. We offer a comprehensive Joomla website security monitoring and protection service.


Install, configure and monitor RSFirewall

Server-side scanning and malware

Our scanning services identifys all types of malware, website errors, SPAM injections, database connection issues and anomalies that require attention.

We carry out a full security audit each month and notify you of any updates required to Joomla and any 3rd party extensions you have installed


When we identify a problem with your website we will notify you via email through our support ticket system.

The cost of this service is:

Only £25.00 per month per website plus £100.00 set-up fee, minimum of 12 months contract.

Set-up fee covers a full security audit and report on your Joomla website.


Sarah Hayes is a Joomla developer and Joomla web designer with over 13 years experience designing and building complex Joomla websites. Joomla Expert with over 13 years of experience with Joomla and over 21 years web desing and development experience.